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Are you a Windows or .NET developer wondering what WinUI is all about? WinUI and the Windows App SDK are now available for production apps. Get a head start building the next generation of Windows apps with the new book, Learn WinUI 3.0.


Reach out with any questions regarding my book, blog, or the TechBash developer conference.

I live in the United States in the Eastern Time Zone.

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"If you want to get started with WinUI 3.0, I think that book is a great read. It covers all of the important areas, like XAML, MVVM, data binding, deployment, debugging, etc." - Thomas Claudius Huber via Twitter

"If you are looking for resources to learn about WinUI, let me recommend you this book from Alvin Ashcraft. I just got my physical copy and it's 🔥!" - Andres Pineda via Twitter


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